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Love your curves!

WITH ONLY one more day until the  Address Assembly Show 2017, we are nearly ready and very excited. We are looking forward to showing you what we have been working on since last years show.

Our main tada showstopper sofa is the first of a collection under the Label Liveable Luxury designed by David Yustin from Zacharko Yustin Architects Inc. That is all I will give away on this collaboration for now! You’ll have to stay tuned for the weekend blog post or get your buns down to the show for more info!

The second piece is an upholstered curved settee inspired by the sexy, sculptural, more organic lines that feel as though we are getting a revival in home decor over the last year.   We have seen a major increase in requests for curvy furniture, softer lines and the more modern sets over the last several years.

Gillian Segal design custom sofa .JPG

Curvy furniture work well in more modern clean lined spaces as a way to soften the look of a room. The two oppositions create a beautiful contrast when layered right.

The trend we have been seeing over the last few years with the Vancouver monster homes (as we call them) are being designed with an old world vintage/Hollywood/ glam flare that works well with curved furniture.

We were saddened for the passing of Vladimir Kagan in 2016, a great and influential American designer whose work has inspired this piece and many others of its kind over the years. German born Vladimir grew up in the United States and had early focus on painting and sculpture which lead him to a career in architecture and design. “Less is more” has often been coined as his design philosophy which is reflected in many of his designs, notably his curved sofa, the Serpentine sofa, one of his first designs created in 1950.

vladimir serpentine sofa.jpg

Sofa designed by Vladamir Kagan

Re-Upholstered bulletproof indigo coloured Robert Allen velvet and will be available for sale.

 as seen in ADDRESS ASSEMBLY 2017 . for details  click here

 as seen in ADDRESS ASSEMBLY 2017 . for details click here

The hand gilded base was skilfully finished by antiques master, DFG Decorative Arts & DonaldGraham  Antiques, (our new neighbour….how convenient it that!)  

                              Built in curved booth seating Designed by Kelly Deck design

                              Built in curved booth seating Designed by Kelly Deck design