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Wool weather

Mother Nature is a funny thing sometimes considering it’s just Wednesday and it feels like we’ve seen more rain than we saw all of last month due to the torrential rain this week started with. But at least it’s perfect weather to stay dry and cozy indoors and catch up on some reading. This creative collaboration with Julia McKeough from Project Ping is the perfect midweek pick me up so get comfortable and grab your cup of coffee or glass of wine.

This custom ottoman has a sentimental vintage twist to it, we recycled dads old wool jackets deconstructing them, and using their fibers to patch together a dress a new ottoman frame.  The concept was original and creative, right up our alley of course!

It was  fun working through the shapes with Julia and playing with the different fabric configurations. after working with Project ping for a decade on clients commisions I was happy to be able to assist her with something for her own space. Julia's father was a lovely man and I was happy to be creating something for their family to hold his memory in their happy home.


The end result was a stunning sentimental custom built ottoman and one of the most enjoyable design processes, making this a memory to cherish for years to come.


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