Fabulous Furnishings & Upholstery Inc.
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We have put together a small collection of the most popular requests over the last couple of years as a means of a simpler way to get an amazing quality piece of furniture at a better price point than a fully bespoke piece. We have made a lot of custom sofa’s and sectionals over the years! With that experience and documentation have compiled what we think to be the best of what we can provide and styles that will stand the test of time.


All Fabulous Furnishings Collections pieces are adjustable in overall widths and feel, however as is has already been engineered for comfort and proportion. Modifying arm widths, seat height, foam densities and leg options will really allow you to make any of these pieces your own or tailored to your client.


We have a sample chair in store to simulate the feel you will be getting and will assist in adjusting overall heights, pitches and depths of your piece. All furniture is made to order and built right here in our north Vancouver studio, and fabric options are unlimited. COM yardage for designers will be provided based on determined overall widths.